Welcome to Peróxidos do Brasil website

In the market since 1970, Peróxidos do Brasil is a brazilian company, result of the joint venture of the brazilian group PQM with Solvay, belgian global industrial group and leader in the chemical sector of low environmental impact.

We are the biggest brazilian producer of hydrogen peroxide, with capacity of 180,000 tons per year. We also have two logistical terminals of distribution and storage: Peróxidos del Plata, in Argentina, and Peróxidos de Los Andes, in Chile.

We manufacture various concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for the industries that provide products for the day-to-day: foods and beverages, personal use products and cosmetics, soaps and detergents, white and recycled papers, metals, plastics and polymers, besides medical and hospital disinfectants.

Our brands are also recognized in the drinking water treatment, waters and wastewaters, sewage treatment, rivers and lagoons, gaseous emissions control, remediation of contaminated soils and in the sector of agriculture and floriculture, where they are used in microbiological control.

We have specialists and an experient field team supported by many distributors and resellers in Brazil and in many other countries of Central and South America for care and assistance in the development of clean technology. We are ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) certified.